National crop sustainability monitoring

Uruguay is a member of Digital Nations, where, among 10 other countries worldwide (such as Israel, Korea, Canada, and New Zealand), it is leading the change in public management through the adoption of digital technology. Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries of Uruguay. Uruguay’s agricultural activity represents 25% of the country’s GDP and almost 80% of its exports.

Satellite Peilades. Image by:CNES
Prevent soil erosion and improve the sustainability of the different agricultural activities in the country. This project was executed in the context of a national program.
Satellite Peilades. Image by:CNES
Our team built a web Geographic Information System (GIS) with strong satellite imagery processing capabilities as well as mathematical models to compute soil erosion estimations.

All of this with the aim of aiding producers in the elaboration of their soil management and crop rotation plans, and to control their execution. The aim of the program is that erosion will be reduced by 80%. Our system is used to oversee all rainfed industrial agriculture in Uruguay: over 3.7 million acres.
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