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Ulta Beauty is the largest beauty retailer in the United States; a Fortune 500 company with 18,000 employees and valued at over 20 billion dollars.

3D face detection combined with a semantic segmentation of key face parts.
Ulta needed to allow its customers to easily and safely try on makeup anytime and anywhere. It wanted to provide an engaging and frictionless experience for customers to choose the perfect products that meet their expectations.
Since 2018 we work for Ulta under a staff augmentation model for their virtual makeup try-on solution. Our main contribution has been to R&D, incorporating:

  • Computer vision and video processing software modules within their platform.

  • On-device Machine Learning & Deep Learning custom models.

  • Mobile real-time processing.
Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, it's become of paramount importance to provide safer experiences to customers. In this context, Ulta Beauty's app usage skyrocketed.
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