Image Enhancement for Pleiades Satellites

Advancing France's capabilities in space science and technology with image processing and computer vision. Learn more about our solution.

Image Processing
Satellite Imagining
Computer Vision
Image Enhancement for Pleiades Satellites

About CNES

CNES, the French space agency is a trailblazer in cutting-edge space technology. With a budget of  €2,780 million and more than 2,350 employees, mainly engineers, it has been key in advancing France's capabilities in space science and technology.

The Challenge

Efficient compression of satellite images is essential before its transmission to Earth, but noisy images result in compression artifacts. These artifacts can significantly impact the quality of products derived from satellite image pairs, including sub-pixel stereo vision and digital terrain elevation models.

The Solution

We developed novel joint denoising and decompression techniques that eliminated the artifacts. These methods outperformed the state of the art in restoration of wavelet-compressed images.


Papers on these solutions were published at IEEE ICIP (International Conference on Image Processing) and CVPR (Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition).

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