Our Story

In 2008, Digital Sense was founded by a visionary team comprising Alvaro, Javier, and Pablo— experts in Image Processing and Machine Learning. Their groundbreaking expertise laid the foundation for our journey.

Driven by a passion for the latest discoveries and driving industry results, we specialize in signal processing, machine learning, and deep learning. Our commitment to innovation shapes our approach to efficiency and sustainability.

2015 marked a turning point. We expanded our clients, welcomed our first group of Digital Sensers, and made a strategic addition to our board with Adrián. It all sparked the beginning of an exciting journey.

At Digital Sense, anticipation is our forte. Our agile R&D methodology mitigates risks, enabling us to craft bespoke technology solutions. These solutions are meticulously designed to meet the demands of modern businesses.

Join us on our journey to redefine technological solutions.

Our Values

What we stand for

Our values guide us. These are fundamental when partnering with our clients.

Professional Ethics

Work ethic comes first, ensuring adherence to ethical codes and standards. We prioritize honesty, fairness, and accountability in all our endeavors.

Scientific Rigor

We implement the highest standards and best practices of the scientific method. Applying them to our research and operations ensures high-quality outcomes.

Creativity & Innovation

We cultivate a culture of creativity and embracing innovative solutions. We encourage fresh perspectives and unconventional thinking to tackle the most difficult challenges.

Assertive Communication

We promote transparent, respectful, and direct communication. Our focus ensures effective message delivery, fostering healthy interactions and relationships.



Fostering collaboration among diverse talents to achieve collective objectives. Our emphasis on effective communication and mutual support optimizes productivity and success.


Automatic Classification of Agricultural Summer Crops in Uruguay


An A-Contrario Biometric Fusion Approach


A Contrario Multi-scale Anomaly Detection Method for Industrial Quality Inspection

Academia at our core

Our team is dedicated to finding the best solutions for our clients, and to do that, we focus on researching and finding the latest discoveries in the field. With our skills and knowledge, we build state-of-the-art AI, Computer Vision, Image Processing, and Machine Learning solutions.

Our business perspective and background in research and development make us a unique partner that can help you take your project to the next level.

Solutions that make a positive impact

As you seek a way to succeed in your ideas and projects, we want to help you achieve them. Minimizing the risks of your concepts will be the perfect way to see all possible outcomes even before investing time and resources. We will be there for you every step of the way, whenever you need us.


Leadership Team

Get to know the talented people leading our company.

Pablo Musé
Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Álvaro Pardo
Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Javier Preciozzi
Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Adrián Márques
Managing Partner


Our Team

Meet the experts behind Digital Sense

Agustina Díaz
Jr R&D Engineer

Alfredo Solari
R&D Engineer

Andrea Mikaloff
Business Developer

Florencia Sánchez
HR Coordinator

Francesco Franzoni
Sr R&D Engineer

Francisco Piriz
Sr R&D Engineer

Gastón Morales
R&D Enginner

Guillermo Garella
Team Leader

Henry Marichal
R&D Enginner

Javier Azarello
Software Developer

Jimena Arruti
R&D Enginner

Juan Rocha
Sr R&D Engineer

Julieta García
Marketing Manager

Luis Di Martino
Team Leader

Martín Schmidt
R&D Assistant

Matías Tailanian
Team Leader

Natalia Campoy
Back Office

Nicolás Mazza
Leader of Technology Development

Nicolás Montes
R&D Engineer

Nicolás Rondan
Team Leader

Pablo Iturralde

Pablo Olivera
Sr R&D Engineer

Rodrigo Paganini
R&D Assistant

Santiago Máximo
Sr R&D Engineer

Santiago Sarachu
R&D Assistant

Sara Silva
R&D Assistant

Sofía Zimmer
Jr R&D Engineer

Zuhair Abbas
R&D Engineer

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