Artificial Intelligence Development Services

Tailored solutions for demanding clients

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Machine Learning

Make power business moves with ML.

Take advantage of all the information you already have; you only need the right minds behind it. Improve your team's productivity, boost customer satisfaction, and analyze data to uncover risks and opportunities. Do it all.

Computer Vision

An image is worth more than a thousand words.

Track, analyze, detect, process. Turn videos into valuable insights to take action. Want to keep track of clients at your store? We got you; keep sight of the moves of your players on the court? We got you; study shopping behavior? We got you. No matter what you need, we can do it

Image Processing

Discover the data behind your images

Get the most out of AI and Computer Vision to get the perfect image. From text (NLP) to objects, let the power of technology process images, interpret them, and provide you with high-quality information and visuals. Have you checked your image quality lately?

Predictive Analytics

Tons of information turned into actionable data.

You provide the information and let our experts do the rest. Your data as you have never seen before. We can tackle every industry and provide valuable insights that result in strategic decision-making. Are you making the most out of your information?

Why Create Your AI Solutions with Digital Sense

Discover the benefirs of partnering with us.

Overcome talent droughts and accelerate progress.

Tap into a decade of expertise in complex AI challenges.

Partner with data scientists, AI, and machine learning experts.

Benefit from tailored solutions for your unique needs.

Speak the language of innovation with a team that understands your vision.

We have extensive experience developing AI solutions for various industries.

Take a look:


We build AI systems for applications such as fraud detection, credit scoring, portfolio management, and predictive analytics.


We create solutions for better crop management, monitoring soil status, herbicide management, and other solutions for more efficient and sustainable farming.


Our AI development services allow us to take image processing and analytics to Earth Observation. From satellite imaging to data analytics, we provide better decision-making.

Beauty & Wellness

Read body movement, scan it, or make data analysis for a better experience for your customers. Use Generative AI, Data Analysis, Computer Vision, and more to create innovative solutions. 

Government, Design, Entertainment, Education, Health and more.

How we work

The Path to AI Development Solutions

Ready to start?
Let’s Talk

Discovery Session

Understand your needs, challenges, and how AI can drive your success.


Proof of value

We discuss with experts how exactly we imagine solving your needs and the tools we would use to add real value to your solutions.


Scope of Work

After the discussion of your project and the expert’s opinions, we can set up a scope of work to do to achieve your goals.



When everything feels right, we sign our contracts.


Scaling & Development

Ready for development, we scale the initial solution following the best practices. We create reusable components to ensure robust performance tailored to your demands.



We maintain and monitor the models for the next month once we deliver the solution to ensure high-quality performance.

The stack we use

We use state-of-the-art technology to achieve the best results. We combine the best programming languages with AI frameworks and tools to build your solutions and provide results.

Programming Languages
C / C++
Java (Android)
AI Frameworks
Tensorflow / Keras
Cloud Platforms
Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure

Why Create Your AI Solutions with Digital Sense

You can turn your solutions into a more relevant, innovative and easy-to-use creation. Make data-driven decisions, automate tasks, and provide personalized user experiences with AI-based apps. By building AI custom-made solutions you can give your customers a unique experience, which will definitely give you a competitive advantage.

More efficiency with automation

Unique experiences for your customers

Competitive advantage by using cutting-edge AI technologies

Better decision-making with analyzed data


What you need to know about Custom AI Development.

Why should I integrate AI into my business?

AI-driven solutions enhance efficiency, optimize decision-making, and foster innovation, leading to improved outcomes. By analyzing datasets, AI extracts valuable insights for informed decision-making. Automation of tasks streamlines processes, reducing errors and freeing up time for high-value work. AI also enables personalized customer experiences, boosting engagement and satisfaction. AI allows you to stay agile, seize opportunities, and gain a competitive edge.

How do AI models work?

AI models operate by processing extensive datasets using specialized algorithms to discern patterns, relationships, and representations. Throughout training, the model fine-tunes its internal parameters to reduce prediction errors. These models are crafted with tailored architectures suited for tasks such as image recognition or language processing. Following training, the model undergoes testing on fresh data to validate its accuracy. Once verified, the model is ready for deployment, enabling it to make predictions or decisions in real-world contexts. Moreover, it continuously refines and enhances its capabilities over time through feedback loops and exposure to new data.

What industries can benefit from AI development solutions?

Virtually every industry can benefit from AI development, including healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing, and more. AI solutions can be tailored to address specific challenges and opportunities for your business no matter the industry.

How much time does it take to integrate AI into your solutions?

Artificial intelligence software development services do not take as long as you think. Depending on the scope of work, two or more weeks for POC and three to six or more months for the integration. Of course, if we take the POC or MVP to a greater level, it could take longer. Ask us to evaluate how long it will take to implement your AI solution.

How much does it cost to adopt AI?

The price of a custom AI development service depends on the number of working hours required. The expertise of AI developers, complexity of the final product, and other requirements for your own solution are taken into account. According to LinkedIn, Clutch, and Forbes, the hourly cost of AI engineering could go from 50 to 300+ USD. If you need a quote, let us know!

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