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Our Services

Low-risk Proof of Concept

We help our clients to quickly and efficiently validate their approach by developing a viability prototype or MVP using a process that combines the latest research with agile development.

A.I. Component Development

We have the expertise to go beyond the capabilities of pre-packaged A.I. components, developing custom software you can integrate into your systems.

Staff Augmentation

We love working side by side with colleagues. Our staff augmentation approach is based on teams that can self-manage to meet or exceed client expectations.

Whole System Delivery

We build full web systems or apps that have a significant A.I. component for clients that prefer all development in the project to be handled by a single trusted vendor.


Outstanding research with a business perspective

We staff projects with highly-qualified professionals, including experienced engineers, masters and PhDs with proven track records.

We use agile processes for R&D, which we consider absolutely necessary for quickly and efficiently advancing our clients' goals, keeping stakeholders in the loop and aligned.

We provide tailor-made tech solutions to help your business reach its commercial and sustainability objectives.
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