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Advancing France's capabilities in space science and technology.
Custom AI Development


Creating better images for the French Spatial Agency.
Custom AI Development

Intuition Robotics

ElliQ is the robot that makes up for the perfect companion for elders.
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Read your movements and achieve your fitness goals with AI.
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Montes del Plata

An AI solution that enables the efficient use of resources in forestry irrigation.
Custom AI Development

Ministry of Agriculture

We developed a custom-made National Crop Sustainability Monitoring System.
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Ulta Computer Vision

We worked together with Ulta to create an innovative try-on make-up experience.
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Transform your card information into cash in a couple of minutes with Prepaid2Cash.
Custom AI Development

Dogtown Media

Custom AI Development
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Ensuring fruit quality for all Sienz clients.
Custom AI Development


We help to develop proprietary algorithms for a micro satellite constellation.
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ULTA Data Science

Creating Marketing ROI taking advantage of Ulta's existing data.
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Detection of wands at Magic World of Harry Potter is possible thanks to our technology.
Custom AI Development
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"At Satellogic we push technical boundaries and move very fast. It’s been over 4 years since we first started working with the Digital Sense team, and in that time they’ve helped us conquer challenge after challenge. They’re a pleasure to work with and their work is excellent."
"We have a great partnership with Digital Sense. They enhance and complement our computer vision R&D efforts. We enjoy working with the team and we are looking forward to continuing to grow our partnership!"
"We came with a problem, a rough idea on how to solve it, and worked out with them a technical solution. Most of our projects are R&D focused and complex on emerging tech. They augmented our team and established a very good relationship. They deliver, they put forward ideas and I like that they are willing to stand their ground for the good of the project instead of just trying to be agreeable."
"In 2018 we partnered with them to help us develop a custom OCR module for our iOS and Android mobile applications. Their team did a great job of scoping out the project and developing the OCR for our app's use case. We continue to work with them today on improvements and leveraging the latest machine learning capabilities to deliver optimal performance to our app users. We highly recommend Digital Sense."

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