Reducing Tree Mortality with Efficient AI Module for Forestry Irrigation

An AI solution that enables the efficient use of resources in forestry irrigation. Learn more about our solution.

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Reducing Tree Mortality with Efficient AI Module for Forestry Irrigation

About Montes del Plata

Montes del Plata is a joint venture between two of the largest forestry companies in the world:  Stora Enso and Arauco. They lead in cellulose pulp production via innovation. They’re certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and PEFC, ensuring responsible sourcing and environmental awareness.

Their commitment to sustainable practices extends beyond environmental benefits. By optimizing resource utilization, Montes del Plata enjoys increased operational efficiency, demonstrating the potential for these solutions to benefit all companies.

The Challenge

Montes del Plata needed to care for the most significant number of its tree plantations for cellulose.

The problem was that the mortality rate of newly planted trees during summer is very high unless they are adequately watered. Many human resources were needed that took time and effort and depended on weather conditions. 

Montes del Plata needed to automate this process to irrigate the fields efficiently.

The Solution

After a selection process, Montes del Plata partnered with us to turn the irrigation system into a reality. How did we do it?

First, we collected the data on the location and type of trees the system could find. This data is then used to train a Machine-Learning model to identify newly planted trees. Once the model is trained, it is deployed on a tractor-mounted system that captures images of the planted trees in real time. The model then analyzes the images to identify newly planted trees and triggers the irrigation system to water them.


Reduction of tree mortality
Productivity boost
Better water usage with efficient irrigation

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