High-Quality Satellite Image Processing for Disruptive Microsatellite Constellation

We help Satellogic develop proprietary algorithms for a micro-satellite constellation. Learn more about our solution.

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High-Quality Satellite Image Processing for Disruptive Microsatellite Constellation

About Satellogic

Satellogic is an innovative Earth Observation company revolutionizing access to high-resolution satellite imagery and geospatial analytics.

With 40+ microsatellites in orbit and up to 300,000 km2 daily capture capacity per satellite, Satellogic is the first vertically integrated geospatial analytics company. Its Earth Observation platform has the ability to remap the entire planet at both high frequency and high resolution.

The company offers solutions for monitoring the planet's changes in agriculture, urban development, environmental conservation, and more, empowering industries, governments, and organizations worldwide to make informed decisions and drive positive changes for a sustainable future.

The Challenge

Satellogic satellites deliver huge volumes of image data constantly. They compose their products from raw satellite images in a pipeline that encompasses a multitude of distinct and complex operations. They need this process to be efficient, precise, and reliable.

The Solution

  • For more than seven years, we have been providing Satellogic with a specialized managed team that works alongside their in-house team of experts on their image processing pipeline.
  • Our contribution to R&D in image geometric and radiometric accuracy has been key to processing efficiency and automatic quality assurance.


"At Satellogic we push technical boundaries and move very fast. It’s been over 4 years since we first started working with the Digital Sense team, and in that time they’ve helped us conquer challenge after challenge. They’re a pleasure to work with and their work is excellent."

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