Quality Control Has Never Been Easier with Computer Vision

Ensuring fruit quality for all Sienz clients with computer vision. Learn more about our solution.

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Quality Control Has Never Been Easier with Computer Vision

About Sienz

Sienz was established due to Tomra's acquisition of Compaq’s Technology Division, a specialized company in post-harvest technology. Renowned for its innovative sorting systems using state-of-the-art technology such as cameras, sensors, and software algorithms, the company ensures precision and quality in sorting fruits and vegetables.

Their solutions optimize the sorting process by enhancing efficiency, reducing waste, and meeting the quality standards of demanding clients worldwide, and the company is currently developing an advanced automated quality control line for citrus packaging.

The Challenge

When it comes to fruits, defects can vary in appearance and location, sometimes being subtle or beneath the skin. Additionally, maintaining high efficiency is crucial to prevent slowing down the high-volume packaging line. By using Computer Vision, this packaging line aims to accurately classify citrus fruit into different quality brackets with exceptional precision.

The Solution

Thanks to deep-learning academic research in anomaly detection, we developed highly precise and efficient computer vision models capable of detecting anomalies in fruit, ensuring accurate classification.


types of defects in citrus fruit can be detected by our models ensuring accurate classification of each.

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