Generative AI for Smoother Communication through Chatbots

A tailored assistant for a top creative digital agency in the Netherlands. Triple, with clients like Max Verstappen and Heineken, worked with us to integrate AI into their solutions. Learn more.

Generative AI for Smoother Communication through Chatbots

About Triple

Triple is the second-largest digital agency in the Netherlands. Founded in 1998, they have over 300 employees working in the Netherlands and Poland. Specializing in ideation and product development for digital experiences, the company offers CMS services, web/mobile development, data analysis, and more. With renowned clients like citizenM, Heineken and Max Verstappen, the firm is committed to crafting the most innovative solutions.

The Challenge

Triple wanted to introduce a conversational assistant capable of real-time interactions. The goal was to assist in tasks such as restaurant product orders, provide recommendations, and address frequently asked questions.

To validate their approach, Triple needed us to create and design a Proof of Concept of a Chatbot powered by Large Language Models (LLM) that would seamlessly integrate with messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and iMessage.

The Solution

By leveraging specific LLM models, we enabled User Intent Detection making it possible for the system to identify user requests accurately. We also used a local knowledge base with Frequently Asked Questions and organizational regulations for the system to respond to users using embedding models and vector databases.

As for the responses, the system uses role assignment advantages in existing LLMs to ensure appropriate responses in the proper tone and the system was integrated with WhatsApp through API implementation so users can engage in conversations through the app.


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