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What can we help you with?

Our AI-driven solutions turn our visions into a success.

Artificial Intelligence

Hands-on experience in the latest AI discoveries.

Deep Learning

Generative AI

Create intelligent systems and develop new business growth strategies.

Diffusion Models

Data Science

Improve decision-making by employing vast data sets to get actionable insights that augment business value.

Predictive Analysis
Customer Analysis


Create, accelerate or optimize your systems for a more efficient and automated solution.

Fine Tuning

Computer Vision

Draw impactful insights from real-time analysis on your videos and images.

Image processing
Object Detection

Remote Sensing

Scan, detect, and identify environmental changes and transform them into valuable data.

Earth Observation
Satellite Imagery

Our Services

AI Consulting Services

Take advantage of our knowledge and make AI a part of your solutions. We will help you achieve your business objectives faster while setting you up for sustainable growth.

Proof of Concept / MVP

Validate your approach quickly and efficiently. Combine your vision with our knowledge and experience to create an MVP.

Scale your Team

Have a team of machine learning engineers and data science experts at your disposal. Find exactly what your team needs with us.

Custom AI Development

Go beyond the capabilities of pre-packaged A.I. components by developing custom software you can integrate into your systems.

Industries we help

Food & Beverages
Beauty & Wellness
Food & Beverages
Beauty & Wellness
Why Digital Sense?

Why Our Partners Choose Us

Uncover the essential aspects that define our capabilities and contributions.

Leadership Team
+15 years of experience

Trust the team you are working with. We have been involved with Deep Tech before the term even existed, and you can trust that our solutions will always be based on knowledge and practical experience.

R&D at Heart

Academic excellence is at the core of everything we do. We assess, discover, research, and validate. Everyone in our team can achieve great things, and we ensure this.

Top 1%

Work with highly-skilled talent. Our team is made of excellent professionals passionate about knowledge. Work with a reliable and highly capable team.

Adopt or Transform Your AI Journey

We are here for you whether you want to adopt or add AI to your current solutions. We adapt our skills and tools to your needs, possibilities, and goals.

Discover the Power of Computer Vision and Machine Learning

At Digital Sense, we leverage cutting-edge AI, Computer Vision, Image Processing, and Machine Learning technologies to solve complex technological challenges for our partners.


USA & EU Patents

We discover and apply our solutions, allowing us to innovate in all fields of experitse.

University Lecturers

The power of knowledge is also the possibility of sharing it.

PhD’s + Master Degrees

Our work is fundamentally based on experience and knowledge. We grow and stay up-to-date with the latest discoveries in the field.

Published Articles

All of our articles are peered reviewed as we trust on our values of sharing and caring about knowledge of our field.
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"At Satellogic we push technical boundaries and move very fast. It’s been over 4 years since we first started working with the Digital Sense team, and in that time they’ve helped us conquer challenge after challenge. They’re a pleasure to work with and their work is excellent."
"We have a great partnership with Digital Sense. They enhance and complement our computer vision R&D efforts. We enjoy working with the team and we are looking forward to continuing to grow our partnership!"
"We came with a problem, a rough idea on how to solve it, and worked out with them a technical solution. Most of our projects are R&D focused and complex on emerging tech. They augmented our team and established a very good relationship. They deliver, they put forward ideas and I like that they are willing to stand their ground for the good of the project instead of just trying to be agreeable."
"In 2018 we partnered with them to help us develop a custom OCR module for our iOS and Android mobile applications. Their team did a great job of scoping out the project and developing the OCR for our app's use case. We continue to work with them today on improvements and leveraging the latest machine learning capabilities to deliver optimal performance to our app users. We highly recommend Digital Sense."

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