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About us

We are a leading Computer Vision and Machine Learning R&D studio

Founded in 2008 by a groundbreaking world-class team of experts in Image Processing and Machine Learning.

We seek to encourage companies towards more efficient and sustainable work models. We are experts in signal processing, machine learning and deep learning.

By using an agile risk-bounding R&D methodology, we design sophisticated technology solutions tailored to face today's complex business requirements.

Our job is more than just integrating mainstream AI components.
We focus on innovation projects for which there are no commercial solutions on the market, and we can elevate existing AI components beyond what they provide out of the box.
who we are


  • Javier Preciozzi, PhD
    Co-Founder, Managing Partner
    PhD in Electrical Engineering, specialized in satellite image processing. He has a master's degree in Computer Vision and Machine Learning from Université Paris-Saclay (France). He has been involved in image processing, computer vision and machine learning projects since 2004.
  • Adrián Márques, MSc, MBA
    Managing Partner
    Master's degree in Computer Vision and Machine Learning from Université Paris-Saclay (France), and MBA for tech companies from Universidad ORT Uruguay. He has more than 15 years of experience on R&D and innovation projects involving image processing, computer vision and machine learning.
  • Álvaro Pardo, PhD
    Co-Founder, Managing Partner
    PhD in Electrical Engineering; expert in data analysis, image processing and machine learning. He has more than 18 years of experience managing R&D projects. Full Professor and former Dean of the School of Engineering, at Universidad Católica del Uruguay. Published more than 45 articles in international journals and conferences.
  • Pablo Musé, PhD
    Electrical Engineer, PhD in Applied Mathematics, ENS Paris-Saclay, France. He is currently a Full Professor of signal processing in the Division of Electrical Engineering, Universidad de la República. He co-authored more than 80 articles in international journals and conferences.

Meet the team

Luis Di Martino, MSc
Andrea Mikhaloff, BA
Business Developer, MBA (c)
Francesco Franzoni, Eng
R&D Engineer
Senior Developer
Javier Arzarello
R&D Engineer
Jimena Arruti, Eng
R&D Engineer, MSc (c)
Pablo Olivera
Team Javier Arzarello
Team Jimena Arruti
Team Pablo Olivera
Team Leader
Team Diego Pereyra
Team Andrea Mikhaloff
Team Luis Di Martino
Santiago Máximo, Eng
Juan Rocha, MSc
R&D Engineer

Gastón Morales, Eng
R&D Engineer, MSc (c)
R&D Assistant, Eng (c)
Sofía Zimmer
R&D Assistant, Eng (c)
Santiago Sarachu
Team Leader
Matías Tailanian, MSc
Team Sofía Zimmer
Team Santiago Sarachu
Team Matías Tailanian
R&D Engineer, MSc (c)
Team Gastón Morales
Team Francesco Franzoni
Team Santiago Máximo
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Agustina Díaz
Natalia Campoy
Back Office
Nicolás Rondán, MSc
Team Leader
Growth, MPS (c)
Yves Fogel, Eng
R&D Assistant, Eng (c)
Florencia Boccarato
Scientific Consultant
Pablo Iturralde, PhD
Team Yves Fogel
Team Florencia Boccarato
Team Pablo Iturralde
R&D Assistant, Eng (c)
Team Nicolás Rondán
Team Natalia Campoy
Team Agustina Díaz
Henry Marichal, Eng
Nicolás Mazza, MSc
R&D Engineer
Martín Fernández, MSc
R&D Engineer
R&D Engineer
Tania Aguirre, Eng
R&D Engineer, MSc (c)
Guillermo Garella, Eng
Team Tania Aguirre
Team Juan Abu Arab
Team Guillermo Garella
R&D Engineer, MSc (c)
Team Martín Fernández
Team Nicolás Mazza
Team Henry Marichal
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