Some of our successful partnerships and projects across multiple industries

Our work

We work together with Ulta (Fortune 500) to create an innovative make-up try-on experience.

Design of an unprecedented Near-infrared Video Acquisition System paired with IR LED.
An AI solution that enables the efficient use of resources in forestry irrigation.
We help to develop proprietary algorithms for a micro satellite constellation.
AI-Powered site investigation for renewable energy generation.
We developed a custom-made National Crop Sustainability Monitoring System.
We improved user experience for frictionless mobile device card reading.
Improving the image quality of the Pleiades Satellites.
Automatic defect detection in leather developed for world-class market providers.
Real-time AI weed detection for targeted herbicide spraying.
Machine Learning models for Fraud Detection using Data Science.
Robust person detection for a pioneering digital companion agent.
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